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"My intention is
to capture the
vividness of life."

Welcome to my website. 

I am thrilled you chose to check me out. 

Here you will find pictures of my paintings, a brief bio and as I book myself for events and art shows, I will list the details here.


There are also plans afoot to add instructional videos to encourage beginners to dabble in the painting process. 

Please note that the photos in this website do not capture the full depth, colour or detail of all the paintings. 
Please contact me if you are interested in one of them and I will send you a better photograph, or arrange a viewing either in person or by Zoom. I am also available to discuss possible commissions with you. 

One thing to consider is my specialty is expressionism, not realism. 


Thank you. 

Watching Wolf in Winter Light2
Icy Bursts2
Threading Through Dimensions2
Autumn Bursts2
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